Saturday, 1 July 2017

More Kings of War: Orcs v Dwarves

Last week I played Alex and his Dwarves in a 2,000 point pitched battle, at the club

I took 4 hordes of axe (yes I'm going to spell it the British way), 2 troops of Skulks (bows), a regiment of Gore Riders and a horde of Trolls. My heroes were a Crudger on Winged Slasher, a Flagger and a God Speaker. Most of my models are from the 80's and have fought under various editions of Warhammer in the past.
Facing me on my left were Rangers, Shield Breakers and Ironclad, in the centre a horde of Ironclad, a regiment of Ironguard, and a regiment of Bezerkers. On my right 2 organ guns and some Ironwatch (crossbows). There were 5 characters including a Warsmith who boosted the artillery.
I chose to go second, meaning Alex would have to shoot while I was further away. I made a general advance but kept the magic item, giving one Axe the Pathfinder ability, unrevealed since they couldn't clear the wood in one turn anyway. Throughout the game I was taking heavy missile casualties.
On my left my Gore Riders soaked up a lot of missile hits from the Rangers who were shooting and falling back, but I eventually charged them and almost destroyed them, but.were themselves then charged in the flank and front and destroyed. My Orcs burst through the woods and wheeled onto the hill. The Ironclads moved out of their charge arc but I got them with my Trolls and wiped them out.

 In the centre the Bezerkers charged another horde and bounced off, my horde then charged them and destroyed them. The Bezerker Lord alongside them spent the rest of the game charging one unit after another in the flank and rear and survived the game.
On my right a horde the Dwarf artillery and Ironwatch destroyed one horde and then poured fire into two more. My Skulks moved up and shot an organ gun to death.

 Later, after a few turns of battling 2 units, I destroyed the Iron Guard, casting Bane Chant to boost my Orcs. I then got front and flank charges on the Dwarf horde and destroyed it. But both my units were finished off by missile fire leaving an empty space in the middle of the field. I pulled my 2 characters out of range for the final turn.

Back on the left my Krudger broke cover and finished of the Rangers, my Axe destroyed the remaining unit. In the last turn they each charged a Dwarf character, with both surviving by about one hit.

We rolled for an extra turn and the game ended with an Orc victory, having more points left on the table. My fourth game of KoW and my first victory, fun as always.

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