Sunday, 26 July 2020

Flash Gordon in 15mm

copywrite: King Features
Flash Gordon was created by Alex Raymond in 1934 for King Features. By the late 1930s, the strip was published in 130 newspapers, translated into eight foreign languages, and was read by 50 million people. Three film serials followed in 1936, 1938 and 1940, inspiring George Lucas to make Star Wars instead when he was unable to secure the rights. In 1980 a film produced by Dino De Laurentiis and directed by Mike Hodges was released, featuring a soundtrack by Queen. In this film Flash is a professional (American) Football player rather than a Polo playing Yale graduate.
copwrite:Universal Pictures (USA), Studio Canal (rest of world)

This is a 15mm for Alien Squad Leader. It is based on the the above three incarnations of Flash although there are various other adaptations. It uses the Rebel Alliance army list which features several factions united by Warrior Monks.
copywrite: King Features

Flash is dressed in 1930s style and dismounting the Hawkman Rocket Cycle shown in the film. The Rocket Cycle is converted from a Peter Pig Red Alien Flyer.  Dr Zarkov and Dale Arden can be fielded separately as 2 models or together as 1depending on the army build, both are dressed in the original style. They represent the Warrior Monks faction, Flash is the Grand Master (Grand Master Flash), Zarkov and Dale are Warrior Monks.

Brian Blessed gave a memorable performance as Prince Valtan in the 1980 film, he is converted from one of the Northlander Character figures from Copplestone Castings. Being 18mm he is suitably impressive, I added armour with green stuff, wings and converted the weapon. The remaining figures are the former MJ figures now produced by The Scene (only the foot poses seem to be available now).
copywrite: Universal Pictures (USA), StudioCanal (rest of world)

copywrite: King Features

These are Flying infantry from the Birdmen Faction. Valtan can either be fielded alone as the Bird King, or he can be part of a normal squad upgraded to a command stand. One stand has a circle cut out which can hold Valtan or an ordinary warrior.

In the comic the Frigians ride giant ostriches, or slightly alien versions of them. Queen Fria's hairstyle inspired George Lucas to create Princess Leia's "space buns" style. These Alien Tribal Cavalry are Riders with the 'big and ugly' upgrade and past of the Alien Tribal Warriors Faction. I also gave them a Warrior Hero.
copywrite: King Features

copywrite: King Features

The ostriches are converted from North Star 2mm ostriches with added crests, wattles and largerbeaks to match the comic. The Riders are French Line Lancers from Time Cast. Queen Fria is converted from a Battle Valor figure. I cut cut her off at the waist and put a dress over the donating bugler's legs, cut the staff down to a mace and replaced the hair bun with two on the sides.

The Lion Men vary between incarnations. In the comic strip they appear to be very tall with manes and tails, in the 30s serial they are hairy barbarians, in the 1980 film they are resemble Africans dressed in gold. Prince Thun is a ally of Flash.

copywrite:King Features
I have opted for the original style. The figures are 1/72 scale (roughly 20mm) Barbarians from Esci. I added manes and bigger beards in green stuff (I went overboard on the beards) and inserted brass rod tails, also with green stuff added. These are Alien Tribal Warriors which are Fighters with the Big and Ugly upgrade.

The Arborians are tree dwelling humans, sometimes depicted with bows, or more advanced weapons, and a Robin Hood theme. Prince Barin is an expert swordsman, ally of Flash and lover of Princess Aura. These are classed as Inferior Infantry with one stand upgraded to a commander. They are part of the Human Faction.
copywrite: Universal Pictures (USA), Studio Canal (rest of world)

The figures are from Peter Pig, mostly medieval handgunners, each squad has a scout with a bow which are elves. Prince Barin and the standard bearer are from the Red Martian range. I included the Tree Father from the film as a medic, originally he was going to be on the command stand but he was far too tall, this was a Battle Valor figure.

The remaining parts of the Human Faction are non-specific representing the various other inhabitants of Mongo. The command stand with Jump Packs are from Alternative Armies. The smoke plumes they are pinned to are also from Alternative Armies but the figures they came with were far to large.

The Floaters and Light Vehicles are from the Peter Pig Red Martian range.

The Crewed Weapons used British WWI 60 pounders from QRF. I cut the barrel off half way, shortened it and put on top of the remaining weapon facing backwards. So the shortened barrel becomes a kind of view-finder. The front of the gun is a Heavy Arc Rifle from Games Workshop, one of the weapon options in the Adeptus Mechanicus Kataphron kit, and part of a Tau weapon was put at the back. The crew are WWII Russians from Peter Pig with AWI Dragoon (Tarleton) helmets transplanted.

I will at some point make an Alien Imperial army based on Ming the Merciless and his Mongon Minions.

 Finally if you ever want the most useless fact in the universe: in French translations of the comics some characters were renamed, and Flash was renamed Guy l'Éclair.

copywrite: King Features

Sunday, 5 April 2020

7TV Apocalypse

Lincombe Barn Wargames Society is of course on hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak. So here are some pictures of a game we had last year using 7TV Apocalypse from Crooked Dice.

We had four players in two teams and 50 ratings (points) per player.  There was one moveable objective in a ruined temple in the centre of the table.

Pete's Mean Machine leads his followers forward

This was my team which included and Action Hero and Monster Hunter as it's stars.

The Simians were slow to get moving as they had no unit leader, Nathanial complained "we're monkeys, we're not organised eneugh for this sort of thing".

On of Clive's savage types scales the temple with a grappling hook.

We don't want to fight that thing hand to hand so we ran it over with the truck

This truck was equipped with a machine gun which had just mown down a bunch of Clives savages. I was determined to take it out, which took a lot of models some time.

More car-nage as we attempt to stop the enemy getting the objective off table.

Single combat between opposing stars. The soldiers joined in. My medic failed to arrive in time to save Clive's character.

My Monster Hunter kept finding herself in the wrong place to carry out any slayage. Here she fails to reach the all star melee before the game ends.

The other side won. This was a fun game with plenty of mayhem and monkey related banter. 7TV is popular at the club with the original spy-fi version and pulp also being played.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Sunday 16th Feb All-Dayer

Last Sunday was one of our all-dayers at Lincombe Barn Wargames Society. We had a pretty good turnout and there were plenty of games being played. 

They ranged from Peninsular War Sharp Practice, via HoTT, Saga: Age of Magic, Warhammer Ancient Battles and an unknown AWI game to Alien Squad Leader.

We actually played through a short HoTT campaign, with a variety of armies (Barbarians, Pirates, two lots of Orcs) invading an island continent and fighting both against the defenders and one another. This was rather successful and we will probably do something else along these lines again in the future.

If there are any wargamers in the Bristol area, or even a bit further afield who would like to play regularly on a Sunday afternoon, we are located at Lincombe Barn, Overndale Road, Downend, BS16 2RW.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Hordes of the Things Tournament 2020

On 19 January Lincombe Barn Wargames Society ran our annual Hordes of the Things tournament.

Armies were 24 points on 40mm frontage. There were 4 rounds using the Swiss Chess system.

There were 10 players of whom 6 had traveled from other places to attend.

Alien Beasts

Ors vs Barbarians

Carolingians (disguised as spaceships) vs Dwarves

 Star Wars Jawas

Hero General rushes to stop the frogs storming the stronghold

 Arnaud's victorious army with the dragon.

Arnaud and his son won were the winners.