Thursday, 20 February 2020

Sunday 16th Feb All-Dayer

Last Sunday was one of our all-dayers at Lincombe Barn Wargames Society. We had a pretty good turnout and there were plenty of games being played. 

They ranged from Peninsular War Sharp Practice, via HoTT, Saga: Age of Magic, Warhammer Ancient Battles and an unknown AWI game to Alien Squad Leader.

We actually played through a short HoTT campaign, with a variety of armies (Barbarians, Pirates, two lots of Orcs) invading an island continent and fighting both against the defenders and one another. This was rather successful and we will probably do something else along these lines again in the future.

If there are any wargamers in the Bristol area, or even a bit further afield who would like to play regularly on a Sunday afternoon, we are located at Lincombe Barn, Overndale Road, Downend, BS16 2RW.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Hordes of the Things Tournament 2020

On 19 January Lincombe Barn Wargames Society ran our annual Hordes of the Things tournament.

Armies were 24 points on 40mm frontage. There were 4 rounds using the Swiss Chess system.

There were 10 players of whom 6 had traveled from other places to attend.

Alien Beasts

Ors vs Barbarians

Carolingians (disguised as spaceships) vs Dwarves

 Star Wars Jawas

Hero General rushes to stop the frogs storming the stronghold

 Arnaud's victorious army with the dragon.

Arnaud and his son won were the winners.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Alien Squad Leader Tournament 2019

Lincombe Barn Wargames Society is the home of Alien Squad Leader, written by Alex Self and playtested by our members. It is one of the most popular games played at the club.  On 1 December we held our 14th annual tournament.

Armies were 150 points, games were 1 1/2 hours.

In round one my Hive Mind faced Nick's Alien Enslavers

 After being beaten back by fire for a few turns my bugs got in and illed all of the master race aliens including the commanders. On my left 20 points worth of giga-beetles kept a much larger protion of the enemy army occupied by being big and distracting.

Matt's Alien Imperial army faced Tim's Alien Warrior Caste

Carol's Alien Imperials faced Richard's Alien Tribal Mercenaries

Round 2.
Tim's Alien Warrior Caste vs Nick's Alien Imperial
Nick's Thralls march up the road.

My Hive Mind faced the Giant Mushrooms of Richard's Alien Tribal Mercenaries.

Alex's Human Colonial vs Matt's Alien Imperial

Round 3
Alex's Human Colonial vs Tim's Alien Warrior Caste

In my last game I fought Bob's Cyborg Enslavers. Bob's Cyborgs come from the Dalek Risk board game

This golden opportunity in turn one was a flop. If I'd won either combat the enemy commanders would have suffered an extra hit because they couldn't retreat. But instead I took one hit from overwatch coming in and two more in the melee.

One of my Giga-Beetles had to go and hide behind a hill after being repeatedly hit, the other got into a fight with an Armoured Fighting Vehicle

And the results were:
No photo description available.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Romans v Britons

Last week we played Warhammer Ancient Battles, a set of rules I haven't used for about 5 years. The Romans are all Foundry figures, the Celts come from many different companies.

The armies were around 1600 points.The Britons had a Warlord, 3 Chieftans and a Battle Standard bearer, anything to get the points up, while I fielded the Legionaries in units of 16 rather than my usual 24 and with no Battle Standard (I still need to paint a lot of Celts)
 I took the Romans, the Legionaries have heavy armour and large shields making them very durable. The terrain table brought up a river which cut off part of the table.I set up a Scorpion ready to harass any enemy deploying on the other side and trying to cross later, and my other Scorpion covering an approach between the farm and the wood.

The Celtic light cavalry charged my skirmisher who ran away and never returned (skirmishers just don't work in these rules). My Legionaries charged and defeated the cavalry and they fled in front of the British Chariots, preventing them from declaring any charges.

This allowed my Auxilia to charge the Chariots and a melee ensued that lasted five or six rounds.
The Warband charged my line, immediately routing my Auxila Archers.routed and then rallied. My Cavalry positioned themselves for a flank charge but were caught in the flank themselves when a Warband destroyed a Legionary unit and pursued into them.

On my left flank one unit of Legionaries and the Auxilia Spears defeated the Chariots and some Warband and chased them off the field, others routed due to panic tests. John't General was lost in the rout and the Battle Standard left alone.

My General broke off to charge the enemy Battle Standard Bearer (the druid figure) in single combat and deprive the opposition of their leadership re-rolls. My General was slightly better in combat and only needed to inflict one more wound while having three himself, but he lost.

The battle was now being fought left to right with three Celtic units left on the right of the table.

There were a series of combats with units destroyed on both sides, and when the Celts were reduced to one unit we called time.