Sunday, 24 April 2022

Alien Squad Leader: Bristol tournament 2022

 A few weeks ago we held our annual tournament at the Barn with eight players this year. We each played three games over a whole day session.


2nd Global War American Union.


The giant mushrooms are an Alien Tribal Mercenary army, the (not so little) little ponies are a Hive Mind army.

This Human Cultist's deity appeared in the rear to cause havoc but was forced to recoil repeatedly until it had nowhere left to run.

Human Imperial Strike Force v Alien Tribal Mercenaries

This flank attack by birdmen of the Rebel Alliance didn't go to plan, due to a swift counterattack which drove them back off the table.

Rebel Alliance v Hive Mind


2nd Global War Soviets advance.

Power armoured commander of the Children of the Gods and assault tanks of the Human Cultists

May be an image of text that says "PLAYER SCORES- DRAW PLAYER 10/10, WIN BY 15 VPs ARMY 15/5, ENEMY BROKEN 20/0 ROUND 1 15 ROUND 2 10 TOTAL ROUND 3 15 Alex Leitch Richard Leitch Bob Leitch Carole Flint Nick Pope Owen Webber Alex Self Richard Stevens 2GW American Union Alien Tribal Mercenaries Hive Mind Imperial Strike Force Human Cultists 40 5 10 10 10 5 15 35 35 15 15 Children of the Gods Rebel Alliance 20 15 15 5 5 5 35 15 5 5 2GW Soviet Confederacy 35 5 10 10 25 20 15 0"

 Alien Squad Leader is a 15mm Sci-fi game by Alex Self, published on Lulu.

Hordes of the Things Star Wars armies

These are John's Star Wars armies for HotT. They are all 40mm frontage,The figures are Galoob Micromachines which come factory painted. Scale is 1/72 although the Gungans are quite tall figures.

 Tusken Raiders
Bantha Rider (Behemoth General), Sandpeople Blaster rifles shooters) Sandpeople with gaderfi (warbands) sniper in rocks (lurker) mace wielder (lurker) Stronghold (bedouin style tents). The Bantha is sculpted from green stuff over a 1/72 scale elaphant (by Owen).

Sandcrawler (behemoth general) Rontos (knights) jawas with blaster (shooters) jawas with tools (hordes) stronghold (jawa camp)


Emperor (magician) Darth Vader (hero general) Stormtroopers (blades) Naval troopers (shooters) AT-AT (Behemoth)
Stronghold (Imperial Base)

I'm still looking for the missing Macdonalds Happy Meal AT AT, its round here somewhere! Might use an ERTL 10mm one as a proxy.

Rebel Heroes (Hero General) Luke in landspeeder (Paladin) Obi Wan Kenobi (Magician) Rebel Fleet Troopers (shooters) Rebels on Speederbikes (Riders) Stronghold (jungle temple)

Rebels on Hoth

Princess Leia with Chewie & Threepio (Hero General) Echo Base Troopers (shooters) Taunton Rider (rider) Snowspeeders (flyers) Jedi Luke (hero or paladin) laser tower (artillery) Stronghold (Ion Cannon or Power Generator)

 Prequel Trilogy:


Republic Clones Ep.3

Hero General, Yoda with Jedi and Clone, airboat: clone gunship, shooters: clone rifles, blades: clones, lurker; wookies.

The clones are repainted Stormtroopers. They could be replaced with Episode 2 clones from the Risk Board game however those are all one pose. The sculpting of the Micromachines is a bit bloby, so one can get away with paint job conversions. The stronghold is a scratch-built landing pad with a Jedi cruiser.

Gungan Grand Army

Spears, Slingers, Kaduu Riders, Hero: Captain Tarpals, Hero General: Boss Nass. 

Stronghold: pond. Some Catapults from the Queens Gambit boardgame could be added but its now a collectible.

Naboo Defence Force

Shooters: Palace Guards, Airboats: Speeders, Knights: Jedi Ben Kenobi and Qua-Gon, Hero Gen: Queen Amidala & Captain Panaka. Lurkers: minor heroes.

The Royal Guard are repainted Rebel Fleet Troopers. Amidala is a repainted Bespin Leia. Panaka is a repainted German officer with added blaster pistol. The speeders and lurkers figures are straight Ep.1 Micro Machines.

Trade Federation Droids

Blades: Battle Droids, Airboats: MTT, Behemoths: AAT's, knights: Droidekka, Lurkers: Jango Fett, Darth Maul, Cleric General: Nute Gunray & Rune Haku. The figures are all  Ep.1 Micro Machines. Jango Fett is a repainted Boba Fett.


Hordes of the Things afternoon

 Four of us played each other at Hordes of the Things the other week and each got 3 or 4 games in.

British army on Mars, note the hero with his Martian Butler.

Facing them the Exterminators of Zardoz, Sean Connery is there in the infamous outfit.

Zardoz (a god) appears in person, kills one unit on a flank and then dissapears on the roll of a one.

Owain Glydnwr's Welsh Rebels vs an Avaland Empire army


The Magician General is pined against the stronghold by warband and destroyed.


Vs Frogs

Lincombe Barn Wargames Society will be hosting Barn HotT 2021 on 8 May. One day competition, 24pts, 40mm frontage.  Contact if you would like to attend.