Sunday, 6 September 2020

Orcs v Night Crawlers


 This is a 2,000 point game of Kings of War, 3rd edition.

Richard's Night Crawler army are figures from the Dream Blade board game, repainted and based.
 The 3 units of monstrous sized infantry are Butchers, the 2 units of smaller infantry are Dopplegangers.


My army today consists of 2 hordes of Axe each with a magic item, one horde of Long Axe, one Regiment of MoreAxe a regiment of Gore Riders and a regiment of Trolls .The characters are a Krudger, Flagger, God Speaker and Troll Bruiser.


After advancing the Gore Riders they are charged by two units on turn one and are almost destroyed. The morale test makes them waver in their next turn so they get charged again and are destroyed.


The Nightcralwers make the first charge and inflict a lot of damage. When the Orcs charge back they destroy one unit of Doppelgangers.


 Doppelgangers use the attack stats of the unit they are fighting, the Orc Horde has a lot of attacks and Crushing Strength (1) so they do a lot of damage.


 One of the Orc hordes is destroyed, the MoreAxe charge in next and are flanked in the following turn.


The longAxe Horde are unable to protect their flanks but the Flying monster go's for the Orc Flagger instead. The horde are charged by three units but take little damage. When they charge in their following turn the Orcs destroy the unit in the centre.

In Kings of War only the charging unit attacks, if the enemy is not destroyed they back of an inch and they enemy will charge in the following turn. Unless they suffer a Wavering result on the morale test in which case they can't charge.

My remaining Orc units are destroyed with only the Trolls making a last charge. My surviving characters, the Orc Krudger (general) and the Troll Bruiser both charge enemy characters for some single combat. 


At the end of the game only the Trolls and 2 characters survive.