Sunday, 21 January 2018

Barn HotT 2017

Last week we held our annual Hordes of the Things tournament, Barn HotT in Bristol at the club

 We had 12 competitors including 8 from outside the club. Less than recent years as several of our regular competitors couldn’t make it.
 Teutonic Knights v Hyborian Barbarians
The format was 4 games with 24 point armies on 40mm frontage, which means generally 15mm figures. As none of the games dragged on to the time limit we had a fifth round.

 The armies included Life of Brian, Desert Meerkats, Hyborian Barbarians, Nomads, Abyssinions, Puffins, Teutonic Knights, Frogs of War, Fishmen, Dwarves and two King Arthur armies.

 Pete’s Life of Brian army was victorious. Here we see a hermit with his juniper bush about to destroy some Beasts.
 Puffins v Frogs of War
 Meerkats, sons of the derert

Here we see Armand (3rd), Pete (1st) and Colin (2nd) with their prizes.