Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sunday All-Dayer

Had an all day session, today, with a good mix of games. We played a couple of games of Congo, playing the Last Queen of Aksoum scenario with African Kingdoms attacking White Men, and then the same scenario with White Men attacking Jungle Tribes.

Here's a game of Bolt Action Doctor Who with UNIT versus a Sontaran invasion force.

Here's an excellent scratchbuilt Sontaran scout ship, made from a polystyrene sphere and a net.

Hordes of the Things with Hyborian barbarians against elves.

This is a Team Yankee game played in 5mm.

Alien Squad leader. The Human Imperials got eaten by the Hive Mind.

Here's a game of Kings of War, Undead against Wood Elves.

And this is Project Z.

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