Saturday, 10 July 2021

7TV Vegatable Apocalypse


The club is back in action and last week we had Chain of  Command, Blood Bowl, Alien Squad Leader, a pirate game (the rules are called Donybrook), and this game of 7TV.

This armies were 66 ratings (points) each, which was the value of my recently painted army cast I was keen to try out. The mission was 'the ambush' from the Apocalypse set. I had a 'Military Mind' (star) and 'Dependable Deputy' (co-star), a marksman, bazooka and machine gun teams and two sections led by corporals. Clive had a 'Mad Scientist' and 'Rampaging Monster', both co-stars and lots of plant based creatures from the Apocalypse set. Most of the figures are made by Crooked Dice who also produce the rules.

The McGuffin, an especially valuable objective, was placed in the tower in the centre of the table.


On the first turn wind blown seed pods moved into my rear on both sides threatening my intended advance but a good round of shooting destroyed them all before they could hatch. 

A countdown card allowed Clive to switch the positions of his rampaging monster and my dependable deputy, who was quickly thrashed to death by creepers. 


The mad scientist found himself in sights of the bazooka team who took an opportunistic shot at him but he was  saved by a bulletproof umbrella from the gadget pool. The bazooka soon had another problem to deal with soon so didn't get another try.

The monster moved into the section on my left taking out several models. Then he used his ability to become huge and became an even bigger threat.


Three creeper hounds swiftly moved down the flank ready to attack the already busy soldiers but I used the machine gun on them instead of the monster and killed them all in one round.



The huge monster took out more soldiers and was shot at a great deal soaking up hits, it regenerated a lost wound and avoided another by some other means but it finally went down with the Brigadier dealing the fatal shot with his pistol.


Despite the distraction I had sent two soldiers on the tower, covered by the other section on the right. A creeper had already been up there to claim the McGuffin but had been shot down immediately. 


Now a soldier climbed up and grabbed it. The mad scientist used a zip wire to get to the tower too, but he was also shot down by the soldiers on my right side. This creeper was also swiftly shot before it could get involved.

As I brought the McGuffin into the safety of the other troops more seed pods blew in and were destroyed. These creatures advanced and were a little harder to kill. An explosion caused by a countdown card set some of my soldiers on fire, but I was able to put them out.

The game ended with two regular objectives each, I had the McGuffin worth D6 victory points and had lost a co-star and a handful of extras. Clive had lost both of his co-stars and hordes of extras. Having most of my troops able to activate as units allowed me to get everyone working and having plenty of plot points to boost my shooting, while Clive's army having no leaders or units was unable make their numbers count because half of them were being left behind.

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