Monday, 6 February 2017

ASQL Tournament 2016

Played this year's Alien Squad Leader tournament. I brought my Imperial Strike Force army.

The first battle I faced an Alien Imperial army (my other army, so you'd think I'd know what it does). I piled everything into one flank, as quickly as possible, just like everyone who plays Imperial Strike Force advised me to do. I got pinned down pretty quickly and barely setting foot on the objective, before I reached my break point. This handed my opponent a Total Victory. This Alien Imperial Army won all its games comfortably and won the tournament so I don't feel so bad about being massacred so easily.

The second game, I faced the game's author's Alien Greys army, which proceeded to paralyse me with their annoying paralysis rays, and then gradually whittle me down. Fortunately, I managed to hold on for a draw. I lost by about 8 points which is a draw in the tournament rules (15 points are required for a narrow victory).

The final game I played another Imperial Strike Force. In fact, it was the army that inspired me to build my Alien Strike Force, and so they were virtually identical. Appropriately we also got virtually identical scores, and finished with a draw.

My two draws and a Total Defeat were enough to gain me joint last place in the tournament. Result!


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