Saturday, 25 February 2017

Cyborg Enslavers vs. Rebel Alliance

This was a game of Alien Squad Leader played by Bob Leitch (Cyborg Enslavers) and myself (Rebel Alliance). Two big horde armies duking it out. I wasn't very keen on doing a complete battle report, so, only four pictures. But, it does show off one of the club's new Deepcut Studio's gaming mats, which looks rather nice, even with our very basic felt terrain areas. Also note that our gaming tables are slightly wider, hence the green cloth underlay.

So, how did the game go? Well, I lost, although I did manage to destroy around four to five Cyborg units and had two hits on about another six to seven. My god they are hard work! Mind you, this is entirely in-character for the army. They are meant to be hoards of mindless, clumsy zombies, who are armoured and feel no pain. Think Borg, and you get the idea. Or in Bob's case, think Dalek. So, they don't hurt easy, and they don't run. They can't shoot or fight effectively either, but Bob was using their sheer numbers to offset that disadvantage. Throw enough dice and you will get the odd 10, 11, or double-six. Or, in Bob's case, alot of double-sixes!

Adding to my woe was the fact that (a) my attacking army had to run the gauntlet of his three psionic commanders clouting me with Oscillating Force each turn, that does not require line of sight, and allows no armour saves, (b) on the other hand, Bob's armour saves were +1 vs. Primitives, so that, even though I won almost every close assault, the Cyborgs were saving on a 4+ instead of a 5+.

We think that there are effective counters against the Cyborg Enslavers - Distant Flyers to pick on their commanders and characters? Not close- assaulting with Primitives (so thier armour save is just 5+)? Artillery to pound thier ranked-up formations? Engaging with Primary Weapon Systems (it will outrange them, and gives a minus 1 to thier armour save)? Sounds like a Human Imperial Army is just the job! Preferably not with me commanding it!

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